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Our loan officers are a wealth of knowledge and are here to guide you, every step of the way! It is an honor to help and we look forward to joining you along your mortgage journey.

Jace Cates

Loan Officer | NMLS #1768939

(503) 407-1181

Tom Evans

Senior Originator | NMLS #234888

(503) 702-5015

Michelle Kirkendall

Mortgage Broker | NMLS #266994

(503) 312-6307

Jen Bell

Senior Mortgage Broker | NMLS #291215

(503) 939-4130

Katy Parsons

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #981355

(503) 481-5950

Cyndi Powell

Loan Officer | NMLS #1011077

(503) 502-6724

Julie Atchison

Loan Officer | NMLS #193089

(503) 803-0378

Derek Hill

President | NMLS #50183

(503) 358-4317

Shannon Horn

Branch Manager | NMLS #121410

(503) 327-6889

Jonathan Ellis

Loan Officer | NMLS #1601387

(503) 866-8467

Nathan Westerlund

Branch Manager | NMLS #273523

(503) 348-2102

Kahren Oxner

Branch Manager | NMLS #590552

(503) 453-6849

Marty Cain

Mortgage Broker | NMLS #231912

(503) 706-8740

Brigitte Erickson

Branch Manager | NMLS #471691

(503) 282-1882

Mark Aalto

Senior Loan Officer | NMLS #116708

(503) 334-4737

Steven Roach

Mortgage Broker | NMLS #1585960

(503) 888-2249

Angela Valdez

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #227786

(949) 542-0157

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If you are looking to buy a home in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or California, we at Advantage Mortgage can help. As Independent Mortgage Brokers, we work hard on behalf of our clients and are here for you!

The process of buying a home is complex and our amazing team of knowledgeable experts, are here to guide you. Our Advantage Mortgage Team wants to answer all of your questions, clarify your role in the homebuying process and support you every step of the way.

Please contact us at any of our 4 branches in Canby, Lake Oswego, Gresham or Downtown Portland and soon to be, in Clackamas. It is an honor to help and we look forward to joining you along your mortgage journey.

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