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Questions about getting a mortgage?

Our Canby Loan Officers are here to help!

So, at this point you’ve either decided to buy a home, refinance you existing home, or are just wondering what options are available. The good news is, you’ve come to the right place! Our Canby branch, conveniently located right off of Pacific Highway on Grant and 2nd, is home to expert loan officers and staff that deliver seamless mortgage transactions.

Branch Manager

Our Advantage Mortgage Branch Managers are not only amazing leaders, but they are also outstanding loan officers and mortgage guides! Questions about our Canby location, or a mortgage loan inquiry? Let us know. We’re here for you!

Shannon Horn

Branch Manager for Canby | NMLS #121410

(503) 327-6889

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR #121410, WA #MLO-121410, AZ #104846, ID #MLO-2080121410, TX-121410

Canby Loan Officers

Our Canby loan officers are friendly, available and knowledgeable. If you have questions about financing or are ready to apply now, we’re ready to help.

Haley Graneto

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #2141098

State License: AZ-1050224, OR-2141098

Ethan Sackfield

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #2074942

State Lic CA-DFPI2074942, WA-MLO2074942, OR-2074942

Melissa Kidd

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #2441556

State License: OR-2441556, WA-MLO-2441556

Sally Li

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1734055

State License: OR-1734055, WA-MLO-1734055

Cyndi Powell

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1011077

(503) 502-6724

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR #1011077

Annelle Friel

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1371269

(503) 807-4233

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR #1371269, WA #MLO-1371269, MT-1371269

Meredith Kelly

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #2339247

State Lic OR-2339247, CA - 2339247

Julie Atchison

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #193089

(503) 803-0378

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR #266994

Katy Parsons

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #981355

(503) 481-5950

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR #981355, WA #MLO-981355

Trevor Marugg

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #2191649

(971) 221-2721

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic: AZ-1037949, CA-DFPI2191649, ID-MLO2082191649, MT-2191649, OR-2191649, TX-2191649, WA-MLO-2191649

Erich Blume

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #587715

State Lic AZ-1046563, CA-DFPI587715, ID-MLO-2080587715, OR, TN-587715, VA-MLO-69800VA, WA-MLO-587715

Rob Cunningham

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1754832

State Lic OR 1754832, WA-MLO-1754832

Steven Roach

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1585960

(503) 888-2249

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR #1585960, WA #MLO-1585960, CA #CA-DBO1585960, ID #MLO-21877, AZ #1021594

Mark Aalto

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #116708

(503) 334-4737

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic OR-116708, WA MLO-116708

Brigitte Erickson

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #471691

(503) 282-1882

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic AZ-1025470, OR-471691, WA MLO-471691

Leona Todd

Leona Todd

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #877073

(503) 550-1269

[email protected] Email Me

State Lic ID-MLO-2080877073, MT-877073, OR, WA-MLO-877073

Michael Folger

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #2377940

State Lic OR-2377940, WA-MLO-2377940, ID-MLO2082377940

Where are you in your journey ?

At Advantage Mortgage, we understand that no two clients are alike. So we put together useful mortgage guides specific to different homebuyer or homeowner situations:

1st Time Homebuyer

Will this be your first time purchasing a home? No sweat.

Moving Up

When you’re ready to take that next step, we’re here for you.


They say size isn’t everything. Let’s review your options.


Love the home you’re in? Let’s make it even better.

Common Loan Programs

As mortgage brokers, we have relationships with over 45 different lenders and we are able to shop for the best rate on different loan programs, including these three primary mortgage types:

Conventional Home Loans

Diverse set of products for variety of situations

FHA Home Loans

The FHA advantage: lower down payments, easier approvals

Refinance Home Loans

Change your loan’s rate, term and/or program

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