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Loan Officers

A Message from Derek Hill, Advantage Mortgage President:

The Advantage Mortgage Experience

Advantage Mortgage was founded on the principal that big bank/retail lending, was not the best way to serve clients. On August 1st, 2018, our Canby office opened and a new path was forged in Mortgage Lending.

As Independent Mortgage Brokers, we supply our customers with smarter and more financially sound solutions in home lending. You can trust that with any of our Advantage Mortgage team, that you’ll be in the hands of experts. You’ll be guided with knowledge, expertise and kindness, along with the most innovative technology on the market today.

Advantage Mortgage Loan Officers

Our loan officers are a wealth of knowledge and are here to guide you, every step of the way! It is an honor to help and we look forward to joining you along your mortgage journey.

Mark Aalto

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #116708

(503) 334-4737

Annelle Friel

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1371269

(503) 807-4233

Cristi Moore

Loan Officer | NMLS #417990

(541) 647-4656

Chris Calkins

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1996652

(714) 348-8273

Steven Roach

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1585960

(503) 888-2249

Shannon Horn

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #121410

(503) 327-6889

Marty Cain

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #231912

(503) 706-8740

Derek Hill

President | NMLS #50183

(503) 358-4317

Katy Parsons

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #981355

(503) 481-5950

Cyndi Powell

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1011077

(503) 502-6724

Laura Procell

Sr. Loan Officer | NMLS #307714

(503) 964-2503

Patty Page

Senior Loan Advisor | NMLS #1574210

(503) 680-4070

Jace Cates

Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #1768939

(503) 407-1181

Brigitte Erickson

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #471691

(503) 282-1882

David Carpenter

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #293126

(971) 998-5223

Julie Atchison

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #193089

(503) 803-0378

Michelle Kirkendall

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #266994

(503) 312-6307

Mitch Carpenter

Senior Mortgage Advisor | NMLS #101981

(503) 706-2294

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