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Who Plays a Role in the Homebuying Process

November 2, 2019


At Advantage Mortgage, it is our goal to keep you informed and confident in your decision making while buying a home. We are licensed in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and our experts in the Mortgage industry are here to help!

Working with the right team of Real Estate and Mortgage professionals makes all the difference in the homebuying process. At Advantage Mortgage we are committed to working seamlessly with you and your Real Estate agent to get your loan closed in a timely and professional manner.

So who plays a role in the homebuying process?

  • Real Estate Agent: A real estate agent is licensed by the state to represent parties in the transfer of property.
  • REALTOR®: A REALTOR® is a licensed real estate agent and a member of the National Association of Realtors, a real estate trade association. All association members agree to abide by a 17-article Code of Ethics and strive for the height of professionalism.
  • Listing Agent: A listing agent forms a legal relationship with the homeowner to sell the property and places the property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of properties listed for sale.
  • Buyer’s Agent: A buyer’s agent or buyer’s broker is an agent hired by the homebuyer. Generally, the buyer’s agent is paid from the commission fee agreed to by the seller.
  • Mortgage Loan Officer/Originator: A licensed and highly qualified mortgage professional who is there to help clients successfully acquire a home loan.

When thinking of buying a home, the guides above will be intricate parts of your homebuying process. With Advantage Mortgage, you will be assured that any one of our Mortgage professionals, will be by your side to keep you informed and on task, with expertise.

We want you to feel a part of the process. Contact any of our offices, in the surrounding Portland areas, including Canby and Lake Oswego for further information. Connect with an Advantage loan officer today!